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Calm Mind and Body with Binaural Beats

Binaural beats have been said be discovered way back in the year 1839 when, by sheer accident, an associate professor discovered that two same sounds, but with a slight disparity when it comes to frequency, produces a kind of pulsing effect in the brain. The disparity was noticed after it was separately tested to the right and left ear. But then again, it was actually Gerald Olster, a known physician, who later discovered the beneficial impacts of these beats on the body and mind of humans. These days, the effect of this remarkable technology has produced miracles for hundreds of people in successfully as well as efficiently pulling them out of psychological and emotional complications.

Perhaps one among the biggest benefits associated with binaural beats or audios is that these enable you to instantly get into a deep meditative state. Furthermore, they are also capable of reprogramming the subconscious psyche and liberate you from different forms of anxiety. With the aid of recordings of binaural beats, your mind attains total relaxation by relishing in a unique auditory mix, nurturing your brainwave activities as you listen to the beats. It inexplicably brings you right back into a deep meditative state and kindles you with productive changes when it comes to your emotional, psychological and physical state.

Binaural beat recordings can successfully reorganize the functioning of your body as well, and enhance your level of comfort, bringing down your high level of stress, and thus causing you to become more confident as well as self assured than before. As a result, you get to experience a sense of easiness as well as liberation from all forms of stresses.

To get things straight, binauralbeats or audios are simply perceived sounds, they are nothing more than that. Binaural beats are indeed not real, but they are to the brain. Hence, the question which enters the mind is that, how do they work despite of the fact that they are not actually real? Well to put simply, binaural beats triggers the brain’s complex responses irresistibly. This, in effect, excites as well as rouses the brain to be able to perform practically anything which otherwise seems hard to do or accomplish by itself. In short, binaural beats can be defined as an imaginary guide towards your brain. These beats cannot be seen or even heard; however, they can successfully as well as effectively stimulate and kindle your mind.

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Easy and Legal Ways to Get Free Microsoft Points

Easy and Legal Ways to Get Free Microsoft Points

Xbox Live is the ultimate gaming service provided by Microsoft. It enables Xbox users to access multiplayer games, send and receive voice messages and get exclusive and early content for their Xbox. The two versions of this service: Xbox Live Silver and Xbox Live Gold, offer a 3-month or 12-month service. These packages also include other gaming equipment and one free Xbox Live arcade game. Prices vary from country to country and it's not cheap.

Acquiring the actual free gold Xbox Live codes used to mean that gamers would have to win a competition to acquire a code for free. The particular issue regarding this kind of account is actually that an individual will need to search for some time to find this kind of place. Even when a gamer has found a website that offers this the legitimacy will then be questioned. There A lot of times these type of sites will suddenly no longer exist on the internet. They will close the site without warning and this has not only given a bad reputation, but also affected the legitimate sites. Gamers have experienced this have expressed their frustrations with each other. Through word of mouth, this spreads to a number of individuals very fast.

In order to use the Xbox live codes you need to have an internet connection and access to broadband; ADSL and cable usually work better, because you will need to have a fast speed connection to play your games easily. The codes give access to games like Heroes, Battlefield 2, Star wars, or others, depending on the card you have got and the availability of games at any given moment. You can create your personal account connecting to the gaming console. Once you set up your first account and give the codes, you will be notified that these codes are valid for two months. Once this free period is over, you cannot use any additional trial cards; you will have to pay for your subscription or use some other valid codes.

The easiest way to get free microsoft points is to buy games that offer them. Buy games such as Star Wars Battlefront, Battlefield 2: Modern Combat and Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes. These games will give you up to 48 hours of free trial period but requires paying when your time is up.

For those yearning a longer trial period can buy games that offer a Two-Month Trial Card. You also have to ensure you have a high-speed Internet connection. To access the service and create your account, you should first take note of the Xbox Live code at the base of the card. This code then needs to be entered before you can fully enjoy the service for the next two months. When the trial period is up, you must pay to renew your membership and no, you can't extend the trial period.

If nothing works for you, you can always go online and check if there are free codes. Before actually using them, you have to check if they are legitimate and suitable for your games and your Xbox device.

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Cellulean Cellulite Reviews - Does Cellulean Cream Work?

Are you sick and tired of those stubborn dimples on your legs and butt - the cellulite that refuses to shift, even though you are constantly on a diet and exercising regularly? I came across this 'rather impressive' product that is said to address this issue - and after considerable research I have decided to provide a series on Cellulean reviews to shed some light on this fat-busting product.

With a 14 day free trial on offer, I certainly had nothing to lose and everything to gain especially if it produced the results that they claimed.

My experience is documented below so that you can know what to expect from this product. My aim is to provide you with enough information to help you can make up your mind one way or the other, as to whether Cellulean is the right anti-cellulite cream for you or no

Cellulite, as you know, is the fat stored right beneath your skin's surface. Cellulean has many active ingredients to dissolve this fat, without harming your skin. This anti-cellulite treatment is really based on an original patented formula to dissolve fat. The key element of this formula is an asthma drug called Aminophylline, which triggers the natural process of removing lipid particles in our bodies.

In conclusion, I'd like to add that if you're still doubtful about the effectiveness of Cellulean, then try the free trial offer from Cellulean. It's free, and Cellulean makers promise to double your money if you don't see desired results.

For more information about the free Cellulean trial, visit my Cellulean Cellulite website. You can also read other reviews on Cellulean in this website.

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Injury claim

If you have been involved in an accident, and through no fault of your own have suffered an injury as a result, then chances are you will be able to claim compensation. No matter how minor your injury appears to be at this stage or who the person or company at fault was, making an injury claim is your right and should be exercised to bring justice to a difficult situation.

What types of injuries can be claimed for?
One of the most frequent types of injury claim submitted relate to accidents on the road. Whether you were a driver or passenger of a car, or were travelling on public transport or a bike at the time of the accident, if you were hurt and another driver was at fault, you can claim. Common injuries include back and neck injuries, including whiplash, and injuries to the head or hands as a result of the collision.
Less common, but still a source of regular claims, relate to slips and trips when out and about. Building owners, local councils and workmen have a responsibility to ensure public rights of way and the public areas within buildings are kept safe, clean and free from hazards that could cause a trip. Slipping on wet floors, broken paving slabs or tripping over trailing cables can all result in a range of injuries, from twisted ankles to broken wrists, all of which are regularly seen by professionals handling injury claim cases.
Sometimes even the workplace is not as safe as it should be, and workers sometimes become injured as a result of faulty machinery, poor training or bad health and safety practice. In cases like this an injury claim will often result in remedial action by the employer, meaning other employees will be safer at work in the future, so it is especially important to make a claim if this has happened to you.

When should you claim?
As a general rule of thumb, the sooner the better applies to any type of injury claim. The sooner you can start the claims process, the easier it will be for your solicitor to contact any witnesses and get hold of any other evidence required. Also your injury will be fresh, so if you need to see an independent doctor they will be able to see first hand the extent of your injuries.
Personal injury law understands that making an injury claim is not necessarily the first thing on someone’s mind after they have been involved in an accident. That is why claims can still be started up to three years after the accident happened. In the case of industrial disease and other issues that take years to reveal themselves, there is still a chance to claim beyond the three year cap.

How much does it cost?
These days, the majority of solicitors who deal with injury claim cases will work on a no win no fee basis. This means you will not have to pay them anything if your claim is not successful, and there will be nothing to pay up front. 

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Homo Entropicus and the Human Condition

The collapsing of the 20th Century scientific science of life worldview is now obvious. That world-view, governed by Einstein's 'Premier law of all science', the 'Universal heat death Law', now embraces life-science concepts based upon fractal logic. Life-science now extends to a fractal infinity, rather than obeying the concept that all life in the universe must be condemned to a universal heat death extinction. Nanotechnology has revealed the functioning of fractal logic within the DNA responding to evolutionary information that has written the obituary of the horrific sentence of continual chaos that has been imposed upon global society for centuries.

For example. quantum biology scientists, Casati, Guaneri and Maspero from the International Centre for the Study of Dynamical Systems, in Italy, have been researching fluctuations of survival probability in an open quantum system. Now that the newly emerging quantum biological life-science chemistry has been rigorously associated with the Platonic world-view philosophy, as published by the NASA High Energy Astrophysics Division Library, an ancient crude human survival map reveals itself. As 'the human condition' holds the survival blueprint for humanity, this article asks, can the ancient map play a role to help upgrade the fractal model for environmental survival into a new practical medical science?

Medical scientists Tambasco, Eliasziw and Magliocco, have applied fractal analysis to breast cancer, categorising patients according to a scale of low, intermediate and high fractal dimension. Their findings argued that such medical methodology was more relevant for survival than the methodology used by standard prognosticators. From this observation it can be reasoned that fractal logic is the key to human well being. A life-energy discovery, selected for reprinting in 1990 by the world's largest technological research institute, Washington's IEEE SPIE Milestone Series, fully endorses that proposal.

During the 1980s two mathematical life-science papers, from the Science-Art Research Centre of Australia, now considered to have been based upon fractal logic geometrical logic, demonstrated that seashell evolution was governed by new physics forces governing optimum biological growth and development through space-time. A peer review investigation over of the Centre's claim that the 20th Century world-view had been based upon false physics assumptions, was undertaken in 1997 by the United Nations University Millennium Project, Australasian Node. In 2010, Dr Paul Wildman, the Chair to that investigation, stated in writing that the President of the Institute for Basic research in the USA had observed from the published discovery, that the 20th Century scientific world-view was unable to generate healthy biological growth and development simulations through space-time, which gives credence to the above mentioned medical life-science findings.

Fractal geometry, which evolved out of chaos theory, can be described as self similarity at infinite scales. It is a dynamical system that balances order with complexity. Without order, increasing complexity becomes chaotic and malfunctions. Disease can be considered to be an entropic human malfunction. By upgrading the original Platonic life-science guidance map,well-being, on the other hand, is our natural human condition.

The healthy human appears to reflect a fractal wholeness down to sub-atomic particle movement dimensions. Sir Isaac Newton's unpublished heresy papers, discovered last century, expressed such a fractal world-view, in which a "more profound natural philosophy existed to balance the mechanical (entropic) description of the universe", based upon the principles of particle movement. That world-view completely challenges the logic upholding the now obsoltete 20th Century world-view. The former, derived from the Platonic life-science world-view, is important. It is consistent with the new Platonic-Fullerene fractal life science Chemistry now emerging throughout the world, in particular as the forte of the University of Florence's prize winning New Measurement of Humanity Renaissance Project chemistry.

The idea of a Life Force that extends to infinity, has been common to many cultures for millennia, as the source of energy that promotes health and well being. The Chinese call it Chi; in India it is referred to as Prana. Today it is called quantum bio-energy, the auric force field, vortex energy and in many other terms. In the world of physics it is known as scalar or subtle energy and has also been referred to as time-reversed waves, non-hertzian waves, longitudinal waves, scalar waves, or zero-point energy.

In answering our question, what role does fractal logic play in the human condition survival data, the answer can be considered to be that, fractal logic is crucial in order to effect healthy human survival futuristic progression. The sooner humanity embraces the importance of fractal logic in our lives, the more chance Homo Entropicus has of making it to the next evolutionary level.

Eating Healthy Foods For Our Healthy Bodies

Food is the fuel that drives human life and health just like gas drives the automobiles. Failure to eat good food will automatically result in some kind of health problems. While many people tend to eat for the sake of satisfying their hunger, the emphasis on eating healthy foods cannot be overlooked.

In an ever busy world, it has become trendy to rush down to the nearest eatery and to grab some fries since it is always the most convenient and available option to many. There are however a lot of risks in this kind of behavior. The body needs certain nutrients to perform different functions.

These nutrients are so many ranging from some forms of acids to the fats and sugars but they are generally grouped into three major categories namely the carbohydrates, the vitamins and the proteins. Each of these groups has their specific functions in the body.

It is therefore needless to say that eating healthy foods ultimately means eating well balanced portions from all these three groups. Having acknowledged the fact that all the groups contribute significantly to the healthy body and life that we are able to lead, it is also important to point out that failure to have any or all of the groups will no doubt lead to health problems related to nutrition.

The food groups as divided into three main groups will all contribute to some problems if not found in their right quantities and quality. For starters, let us look at proteins. Proteins are known to be the major body building ingredient and it is therefore very important. In order to develop or replace any tissues or muscles in the body, you must have plenty of proteins.

Proteins come in two main groups namely the plant and animal proteins. It is in this further grouping that we will find a difference in people as well. There are those who do not eat animal proteins. They are known as vegetarians or vegans. The animal protein can be found in meat, milk and eggs while plant proteins come from beans, nuts and peas among other dicotyledonous seeds

It is nonetheless advisable not to take too much. There are always recommended rations for specific people and that can be determined by your body type as well as the activities in which you take part on a regular basis. It is their body building properties that make them very important especially for young children who need to grow. There is no way you can grow if you do not have the body building food.

The other group being the carbohydrates is responsible for the energy levels. It is this group of healthy foods that will enhance your energy and therefore having plenty of them in your diet is important especially for the very active people who need too much energy. These are the most common group of food and they can be obtained form corn, potatoes, rice bread among many others.

Lastly you have the vitamins that basically help in immune boosting. The body must have defense mechanism to fight against any diseases that may attack and the vitamins are the ones in charge of that. Vitamins are generally found in green plants such as vegetables and fruits and should be eaten in plenty.

Achieve Health Goals? Say Mooo to Meat and Dairy!

"You put a baby in a crib with an apple and a rabbit. If it eats the rabbit and plays with the apple, I'll buy you a new car." Harvey Diamond

Oh, where to begin on this topic! This could be one of the most controversial, confusing, misunderstood, mis-communicated, lied about, topics of healthy living that we face as a race today!

So why all the fuss? Why are people starting to talk more and more about meat consumption being bad for human health? Are they all just annoying tree huggers? Over the top activists who jump on any old band wagon that comes along? Or could it be that there is truth in the idea that eating meat is bad for the human body? And if this is so, why have we been taught for so many years that animal products are good for us? Do you want to achieve health goals? Stay with me, we will cover this in detail.

For years people believed that the world was flat. Only when brave sailors pushed the boundaries of understanding did the human race begin to understand the earth is a sphere.

People were absolutely certain that objects denser than air would never fly. This understanding was smashed when adventurous souls dared to attempt the impossible and use machines to fly through the air.

For centuries people believed that the there was a sun god and when they displeased this sun god, it would punish them with bad weather and poor harvest that year.Today, very few human beings hold this belief.

For years people believed there was no harm to come from smoking. It was even believed by some to be good for a person's health to smoke. Nowadays, it is widely understood that smoking, even passively, will cut years from a human life and cause illness along the way.

I believe there will come a time in the next few decades (hopefully sooner) when people will look upon eating meat with the same pitiful smile or look of disbelief they do when thinking of poor souls who used to believe smoking was ok, or that an angry sun god was responsible for the weather patterns. Quite honestly, that day couldn't come soon enough! If people really want to achieve health goals then this shift needs to happen.

"Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian die." Albert Einstein

For people who eat meat as a staple part of their diet, whenever this topic comes up for discussion, the usual initial response is 'meat gives me my protein, my iron, energy, helps me build muscles, people have done it for thousands of years, all animals do it, it's natural, it's why we have canine teeth.'

If someone can move past their absolute belief that it's good for them and natural to eat meat, the next and obvious question that comes up is 'Then why have we been taught that eating meat is good for us?' Great question!

Why have we been taught for decades that consuming animal products is good for us? We will cover this more later in this article, but for now suffice to say there are 2 main reasons for this sort of misunderstanding. The first is ignorance which can lead to the belief that what they are teaching you is correct. The second is that the person telling you the lie is doing so because they have another agenda.

In the case of eating meat, the other agenda very often comes down to bottom line profit of the animal farming corporations. Woe betide anyone effecting their bottom line profits for something as unimportant as the health of the human race!

So before I jump on my soapbox and put you off reading the rest of this article, let me tell you that I won't be speaking just from my opinion, I will share with you facts that you can decipher however you choose to. If this article does nothing more than entertain you for 10 minutes, so be it. If however, this jolts you out of your ignorance of the facts and helps you understand the devastating effects your food choices are having on yours and your family's health, then I will rest happy.

The Protein Myth...

This seems to be among the first objections people come up with when they have at least a semi-serious thought about not eating meat or at least cutting down the amount they eat. We have had this myth pummelled into us so deeply and for so long that virtually every adult I speak to knows that we need protein and we need to eat meat to get enough.

Nothing could be further from the truth however. The idea that we need to eat meat for protein and we need to eat the quantities that are promoted is shear lunacy. There is zero truth in this and the people promoting this idea to us have a profit to make when we buy their products. This is why it is always important to query the intention of the person telling you anything. If they have an agenda to serve themselves, you may not be able to trust the information.

For example, the standard recommendation throughout the developed world ranges anywhere from 10-50% of your daily calorie intake should be coming from protein and, in particular, animal protein in the forms of meat and dairy products. The problem with these figures is that anything higher than 10-15% is beginning to defy all sincere and unbiased evidence. To achieve health goals requires drastically less than the people who profit will ever suggest to you.

Here's what some unbiased scientists have to say:

The American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition - recommends approximately 2.5 % of our daily caloric intake should be protein.

The World Health Organisation - recommends approximately 4.5% of our daily caloric intake should be protein.

The National Research Council in the U.S - recommends just over 8% of our daily caloric intake to be protein. The NRC even allowed a hefty margin to account for what they believe to be 98% of the population. The number would be less than 8% without this added caution. So 8% is considered to be completely safe.

These types of results are typical of studies produced by unbiased parties. When scientists who truly value finding what is healthy for the human race undertake such a study, the results usually fall somewhere in this category. Studies produced by bodies that have a direct or indirect link to any large organisation that will suffer the loss of sales if the truth about protein intake becomes common knowledge often report higher numbers.

Just a few days ago I saw an article in the news that the U.K government will be asking McDonald's, KFC and other such companies to help them create U.K health policy in the future. Now forgive me for being skeptical, but I don't believe for one second that the likes of McDonald's and KFC will have, as their first priority, the health of the nation over the profit of their business'.

"The beef industry has contributed to more American deaths than all the wars of this century, all natural disasters, and all automobile accidents combined. If beef is your idea of "real food for real people" you'd better live real close to a real good hospital." Neal Barnard

So, back to this protein debate. When in your life are you growing the quickest? When you are a baby, right! So when you are consuming mother's milk and you are growing at the fastest rate you will ever grow, what percentage of mother's milk do you think is protein?

Anywhere from 1% to 7%, depending on which study you read, of human mother's milk is protein. On its own this may not act conclusively to prove our protein needs are that small, but among all the other evidence compiled over and over again, it becomes an absolute certainty that anything more than 10% is absolutely not necessary and, in fact, can be harmful to the body - especially if it is protein from any animal via meat or dairy products.

So what happens when people eat too much meat? They get sick, ill and tired. You see, contrary to popular belief, our bodies are not designed to ingest meat, certainly not in the quantities that a lot of people are jamming it down. For a start our colon is shaped in such a way that really does not lend itself to meat being processed. When compared to a natural carnivore in the wilderness, like a lion for example, who have short and smooth colons, ours are much longer and shaped in such a way that inhibits the transition of meat through our colon effectively.

But even if we take that factor away, let's look at some more evidence...

'I get my iron from meat, what would I do if I stop eating meat?'

Let's get straight passed this one with simple facts. The flesh of animals and dairy products provide very small amounts of iron compared to vegetables!

Of all the meats, studies show beef, steak in particular, has the highest concentration of iron that the animal world has to offer. In a 100 calorie serving of sirloin steak you could expect to find 1.9 milligrams of iron. Contrast this to the following list of 100 calorie servings of vegetables and fruits:

Spinach = 11.3

Beet greens = 11.2

Cucumber = 6.0

Iceburg lettuce = 3.8

Broccoli = 3.1

Courgette/zucchini = 2.7

Strawberries = 2.7

Tomatoes = 2.4

Lemons = 2.0

These are only some of the fruits and vegetables that have more iron content than the highest provider from the meat and dairy side. So if you think you need meat for it's iron content, please think again!! To achieve health goals you need simply eat your vegetables and you'll have all the protein your body needs.

Not only do meat and dairy products provide inadequate nutrition, they also have a whole host of nastiness within them which people tend to know a little about but seem reluctant to do anything about.

Part 2 of 'achieve health goals?' will be posted soon.

Immune System - The Body's Frontline of Defense

The human immune system is the body's fundamental nerve center of defense. It also keeps a close protective watch over the activities and conditions of the body's organ systems at the cellular level. It is a system constituted by organ structures and the integrative biological mechanisms that they employ in order to identify external stimuli and prevent life-threatening pathogens, infected cells, or tumors from harming the body. The immune system launches an attack on a foreign intruder that often sabotage and cause destruction inside the body-disrupting the activities of the vital organs, attacking good cells and leaving the body vulnerable to sickness or debilitating ailments.

Simply put, the immune system prevents invaders from disturbing the human body and putting it in peril.

The primary aim is to protect the human body and preserve biological homeostasis among the organ systems. A foreign intruder from without cause instability to the biological systems of the body's internal environment and the immune system for its part is primed to be sensitive to even the slightest change happening deep within the human body. The immune system are like patrolling watchmen that keep an eye on the vicinity and are ready to defend the body when a perceived threat is identified and the type of response relative to the nature of the invading intruder is determined. When the system is alerted, they build a defensive barricade-antibodies, for example-that combat a bacterium, virus or even a tumor cell. This mode of defensive strike is highly organized in a controlled way for the immune system specifically targets only alien intruders that mean harm to the body or infected cells that can harm other healthy cells.

The destruction of healthy cells in the body is linked to the disastrous onslaught of diseases that are debilitating to human health and even fatal to human life. Many of these illnesses such as tuberculosis (or bacterial infection of the lungs) and AIDS (or Acquired Immune deficiency Syndrome) are highly infectious and wreak havoc to human populations at epidemic proportions. Viruses are molecular parasites that take over the human body and even mutate into several strains that can withstand the most advanced or powerful clinical drug designed to quell them. Some viruses in addition cause types of cancers such as in the case of cervical cancer due to Human Papillomavirus (HPV) infection. Cancerous cells, for their part, are wily enough to play tricks on the human body by flying under the system's radar so to speak and quietly yet rapidly replicating undetected.

The system's significance to human life is so vital and critical that modern science is driven to develop the best technology and pharmaceutical medicine that work with the natural autoimmune response of the body particularly in times of crisis.