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Blocks to Optimum Health

A block refers to any substance or factor that interferes with a person's healing progress. These were put into the category of “blocks” because of the positive response noted of the client’s healing progress, when they were removed from their lives. While they won’t be a block in everyone’s life, most people will benefit from limiting their exposure to them. The following is list of common blocks:

1. Continual exposure to radiation: Radiation may be a cause of abnormalities in the proto-oncogenes and oncogenes. When these become abnormal, the growth of abnormal cells, or masses, may develop. Sources of radiation include: Cordless phone chargers; satellite dish; dish fields on buildings within 6 miles; nearby cell towers, T.V or radio stations; MRI's, formerly Nuclear Magnetic Resonance imaging, (these do not use radiation to operate but rather, cause a radioactive response on the cells via magnetic exposure) ; X-rays; large screen televisions; games that connect to televisions or computers; Cell Phones (carrying a cell phone next to the body while turned on); and Brass fixtures, headboards, etc. Brass has a tendency to attract radiation and hold onto it.

2. Electrical shock exposure, even mild, that occurs often: Typically, this kind of shock isn’t felt. Feelings of anxiety are a common complaint. Sources: Faulty hair dryers; curling irons; outlets, or any appliance with a short; home security systems and high wires close by.

3. Diet is poor: A constant diet of fast foods, over-cooked and over processed foods are considered anti-nutrient food substances. Anti-nutrient refers to the fact that these substances actually cost the body in nutrients, as it tries to process, then eliminate them through it's digestive tract.

4. Diet high in carbohydrates and grains: Diets consisting of 20% or more in carbohydrates (grains and sugars) appeared to slow progress. Diets with adequate amounts of animal based protein, when accompanied by enzymes, were found to provide the body with the amino acids it needed to make healthy cells. Soy did not work the same. Note: Sick people often do not have the enzymes they need to properly digest protein or other foods, and found they had the best results when they took protein digestive enzymes with their meals.

5. Low salt diet: According to doctor Tom Brewer, except in the presence of true renal (kidney) failure, a low salt diet has been shown to slow the body’s own healing process almost to a halt. Every cell in the body requires sodium to survive. The transport of oxygen and nutrients into the cells, as well as the transport of waste out of the cells, requires sodium; the health of our mucous membranes (stomach, uterus, intestines, sinuses) requires sodium; we cannot manufacture enzymes without adequate amounts of it; low energy levels can be an indication of a deficiency of sodium or an inability to properly use sodium. Adequate amounts of sodium are required for proper use of protein and amino acids (the building blocks of our cells). Contrary to popular belief, sodium does not cause swelling (edema) in the tissues, rather swelling is due to a protein deficiency. Protein holds sodium in the blood stream, and salt holds water in the blood stream. When our blood protein (albumin) level drops dangerously low, salt and water go into the tissues, causing edema. When an adequate amount of protein (meat) is consumed, the swelling is completely and safely eliminated.

6. Vegetarian, Macrobiotic Diet and raw foods only diet: Contrary to popular belief, studies do not support the theory that soy provides a source of protein that can facilitate optimum health in the human body. Therefore it cannot be used as a substitute for animal based protein. While on one of these diets, your client may complain of: fatigue; low stamina; poor muscle tone; poor circulation to hands and feet; premature aging; slow healing.

7. Eating unclean meats: Consuming "unclean animals" as listed in the in the Old Testament of the Bible (Leviticus chapter 11), does make a difference in a person's ability to achieve optimum health. When clean meats are consumed an increase in healing potential was noted.

8. Protein enzyme deficiency: Undigested, or poorly digested protein, can result in starvation of necessary amino acids needed for the healing process.

9. Starvation (not eating enough) or dieting: This can be the result of eating disorders or simply dieting. Reduced ability to heal due to a lack of nutrients.

10. Soda Pop: The typical soup of chemicals, dyes, sugars or chemical sugar substitutes found in pop make them a poor choice for people wanting to improve their health.

11. Earrings: When removed from the naval, clients noted improvement in circulation below the waist and to the legs, energy and stamina increase, and in one person, abnormal cells in her cervix returned to normal. When removed from the top of ear, or midway up the ear clients reported improved ability to concentrate.

13. Chemical Exposure: Following is a list of chemical products found in the home that frequently came up as problems for clients: name brand dryer sheets; hair spray; most scented candles; fingernail polish; fake fingernails; hair spray; perfume and cologne; deodorants; perfumed body soaps; cleaning chemicals; room deodorizers, especially the plug-in and bathroom decorator type.

14. Environment is toxic: When a person lives or works in an environment with chemicals, and/or gases frequently present, their ability to heal always appeared to be hindered or completely halted. Another source of toxicity in a person’s environment can be found coming up from the ground, if they live on property where waste, old machinery, and garbage used to be buried. This was often, and sometimes still is, the case on farms. Machinery, old fuel, gasoline, human waste, dead animals, pots and pans, anything no longer wanted, was buried right on the property. Eventually this finds it’s way back into the well water, the surface dirt, and even into the trees, beginning at the roots, which then takes it on up through the tree and out into the surrounding air.

15. Mold and mildew: When mold or its spores, called mycotoxins, are inhaled they compromise the immune system, and can cause death of cells infected. The mycotoxins also have the ability of growing into the tissues surrounding it and spreading to other tissues. This can be especially bad in people who have a history of using antibiotics (even if its been decades since the last antibiotic). Antibiotics are derived from mold and are often the body’s first exposure to mold. People exposed to mold often have B immune cell activity ten years after exposure, indicating the immune systems inability to effectively eliminate it without proper assistance and support.

16.Vaccines: Chronic symptoms that have been associated with vaccines include: Immune problems; poor digestion of fats and oils; constipation; poor circulation; reduced stamina/endurance; growth of abnormal cells within 8-10 months after vaccination; learning disabilities.

17. Penicillin and its derivative: Penicillin is a poison, is derived from mold, contains a variety of microorganisms, including mycoplasma, and may also contain staph and mites. Penicillin also permanently damages the DNA, thereby affecting future generations. While it will kill some bacteria, it introduces into your body a host of other dangerous pathogens, including yeast and other forms of fungi, damages good tissue in it’s wake, and leaves the body vulnerable to other invading pathogens.

18. Pets: Birds, cats, dogs, rodents, and reptiles. These were found to be a common block to healing progress in people when their animal was kept in the house. Especially when the animals were vaccinated and where there was close contact with the animal for an extended period of time (i.e., 8 hours of the night). There are several factors that make indoor pets a block, among them are the microorganisms they typically carry. For example, cats can carry haemophilus, rochalimea quintana, toxoplasmosis gondii, and pinworms; Dogs can carry round worm and tapeworm; Birds, giardia lamblia, entero-pathogenic E. Coli, and histoplasmosis. Reptiles carry a multitude of microorganisms, too numerous to mention.

19. Formaldehyde: Commonly found in furniture, bed pillows and mattresses, waterbed mattresses, throw pillows, area rugs, draperies, car upholstery, new carpet, and the finish on some furniture.

20. Distilled water: This is a strongly hypotonic solution, meaning it has a lower concentration of solutes and a higher concentration of water. In this solution, water molecules enter the red blood cells faster than they can leave. This causes the cells to swell and burst, leaving the person in a state of hemolysis. People who consume distilled water on a regular basis often show signs of dehydration because of improper use of the water provided it.

21. Other factors practitioners believed may reduce a client's ability to heal, included:
A. Drinking coffee that is pre-ground. When clients stopped drinking pre-ground coffee, bought beans and ground their own for coffee, they appeared to make better progress in healing, even though they continued to drink coffee.
B. Alcohol consumption.
C. Extended close contact with a toxic person. This included people who were repeatedly exposed to chemicals; anyone on chemotherapy; children or adults vaccinated, for 8 days after the vaccine; people who had had an MRI, for 5days after the MRI. While an MRI does not use radiation for its operation, the powerful magnet it uses causes a radioactive response on the cells of the body.
D. Wearing glasses or contact lens that are colored. Any color other than olive green or brown.
E. Tainted well water. All well water is not bad, and can contains our best source of minerals. However, when contaminated, it is common for parasites, microorganisms, nitrates, and chemicals.
F. Frequent consumption of microwave (radiated) foods.
G. Continual exposure to stress factors: If your diet is adequate you can handle a great deal of stress before it bothers you. However, deficiencies of just one mineral, magnesium, are linked to depression, irritability, belligerent and uncooperative behavior. Calcium is the prime conductor of the electrical currents of the nerves, is calming and the number one pain reliever.

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