Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cold & Flu Protection

Eat more salt: The body uses salt to make the enzymes that digest invading microbes and parasites, as well as food. The only time salt has ever been found to be detrimental is when you have failing kidneys or are missing a kidney. Swelling is the result of a lack of the blood protein albumin (acquired from meat based protein) in the blood. Albumin holds salt in the blood stream, and salt holds the water in the blood stream.

Drink lots of pure water. Your body needs water to make the mucus that surrounds and suffocates invading microbes, it keeps your lungs hydrated (protected), and is necessary to carry nutrients, oxygen, and immune cells to every area of the body. Coffee and pop do NOT have the same beneficial effect.

Eliminate sugar from your diet. Sugar decreases your ability to fight infections or invading microbes; stresses (reduces) circulatory effect; increases the pain felt anywhere in the body; increases susceptibility to infection by making the body more vulnerable to invasion (microbes and parasites like sugar).

Now is not the time to let yourself get worn down. When you wear down, your immune system wears down. After all, your immune system is part of you, so if you can’t keep going, neither can your immune system.

Eat foods and take supplements and herbs that support immune function.

Don’t eat anything that the body will break down into sugar quickly, because this increases the blood sugar to an above average level. When the blood sugar is high, the immune system cannot function as it should (see above). What will quickly turn to sugar? Products made with white flour, any type of sugar, regardless of how natural it is supposed to be. Fruit juice or fruit juice sweetener added to foods. This does not include natural, raw honey or molasses.

Avoid foods and substances that are anti-nutrients. What are anti-nutrients: They are substances that not only do not supply the body with usable nutrients, but even cause the body to use nutrient reserves to process it. The body is therefore left with less nutrients in the tissues than it had before you consumed the substance. What is included in the anti-nutrient category? An anti-nutrient is anything that contains substances unnatural to the body’s stomach and intestinal system, causing the body more work than normal to break it down and process it through the system. This includes: chemicals, additives, dyes, sugar, over processed, and hybrid foods.

Don’t let yourself get chilled. Getting chilled does not in itself make you sick, but it does make you more vulnerable. If you tend to get cold easily, dress warmer and wear extra clothing to keep yourself warm. If you do get chilled, take a hot bath or shower as soon as you can to warm your body.

Lower bowel, cascara sagrada or other bowel stimulating support to keep your bowels moving regularly. This helps keep toxin level low, energy and resistance up.

Take preventative supplements to give your body extra nourishment. This is arsenal for your immune system.

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