Sunday, April 11, 2010

Instructions for Taking Homeopathic Remedies

Single dose

An adult dose is 2-3-pellets or 2-3 drops if the remedy is in liquid form. A child's dose is 1-2 pellets, or 1-drop of the liquid. Homeopathic remedies in pellet or liquid form should both be placed under the tongue and allowed to set, or dissolve for at least 10 seconds. After the 10 seconds, they can be spit out, chewed, or just swallowed.

How a Homeopathic Remedy Can be Ruined

Any of the substances below can ruin a homeopathic remedy: Aromatic oils, including those used in soaps, household cleansers, perfumes, and hair sprays. Toothpaste, mouthwash and mints should be avoided at least 20 minutes before and after taking a remedy. "Hard rock" or "rock and roll" music can ruin some of the more sensitive remedies if the remedy is opened while the music is playing. Other loud noises may also do this. The color red, because of the vibrations that emit from it, can also ruin sensitive remedies if they are set on something that is a deep red color.

When pellets are stuck together

If you have a remedy in pellet form, and the pellets are stuck together, DO NOT pound the vial, it will change the potency of the remedy. Instead, use a clean dry toothpick to get them apart. Do not use metal.

Avoid food and drinks

Avoid food and drinks including water for 10 minutes before and after taking a remedy. Coffee, tea, or tobacco should be avoided at least 45 minutes before and after a remedy is taken.

What to expect when taking homeopathy

The disposition of the individual will often be the first improvement noted. For example, if the client is fearful you should notice more of a calm attitude. If they are moody, irritable, or irrational, these too should be reduced or even change entirely. Then the physical symptoms the remedy is supposed to address should improve shortly after.

When to take more than one dose

Usually more than one dose of a remedy is needed to assist the body in eliminating viruses or bacteria. If you feel you have come to a point where no further improvements are noted when taking a remedy for a virus or bacteria, or some of the symptoms seem to be returning, you may want to take another dose of the remedy. If the remedy doesn’t seem to be working, try another remedy that more appropriately fits the symptoms.

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