Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Healthy Behaviors

"Health is wealth" is a famous saying. Humans undergo many challenges in whole life, most of them relevant to health issues. Health issues caused by different factors among them are accidental and by nature. Accidental issues occur due to human or non human factors, while taking the precautionary measures in the workplace keep human safe from non human factors. Non human factors are such which occurs due to natural disasters e.g Storms, floods, and earthquakes.

In current technology era every one involves in tight schedule and routines and don't have much time to take care of him/her self properly. Therefore health disorders remain an ordinary issue. Keeping in view of one's daily way of life shows how much health conscious attitude one adopts.

Health could be maintained by taking balance diet and regular exercise. Balance diets means to get enough calories required for body as well essential elements by which the age factor can be reduced. Health consciousness is very basic for everyone. As far as the exercise routine concerns normally 3-4 hours necessary to keep the body muscles active.

Walking is also a complete exercise and jogging make the body active more. In morning when oxygen is much in air, taking exercise makes body healthy and muscles active. Blood flows whole body which strengthens muscles, metabolism in blood take oxygen (O2) cells to each body part that generates energy and muscles becomes lively.

Water is the main element of living being, 60% of the human body is water, brain has 70% water, and lungs contain 90% water. Waterborne diseases are diarrhea, typhoid, cholera and parasite infections all these disease caused by contaminated water. Over 880 million peoples worldwide do not have access to pure drinking water. Normally water intake for human being is 2.5 liter it did vary with age, sex and weight of human body. Traces of contamination also found in the tap water so try avoid drinking tap water, Health depends on the water intake and quality of water, while considering healthy behavior water should be of good quality and enough to fulfill ones daily requirements.

Taking in view of necessary steps to get healthy lifestyle while avoiding tragic factors one must consider to get optimum results in routine task. All this is possible adapting the points discussed in the lastly paragraphs which are;

• Balance diet
• Regular exercise
• Fresh air availability
• Pure drinking water

It is not necessary that healthy peoples belongs to specific region, but communally contains a set of matching characteristics. They enjoy professions and don't get tired while working in same routine and working hours. Love profession stimulates energy level and consistency remains bottom line for the whole scenario.

Bad habits of smoking, alcohol and late night sleeping are the root cause that results in obesity, heart failures, diabetes, and anxiety. These habits should be avoided to take a longer lifespan for human beings. Mostly smokers and alcohol addicts are habitual and can't deny to this. Alcoholism creates a non healthy behavior that shows bad results like quarreling all time in the department and with coworkers, it do harm to its family life that includes wife, children and siblings. The alcohol control policies are marked while in the organization facing such problems and other measures taken to prohibit alcohol and smoking depends on the family members and siblings. Alcohols and smoking is prohibited under teen age and if found guilty punish and fined also noticed to parents or guardians. Driving after taking alcohol caused accidents because the toxicity makes the nervous system unconsciousness.

Prevention and treatment of addicted could be carried out by many ways also taking appropriate steps like engaging a doctor or a psychiatric consultant that make necessary steps to stop chain smoking and drinking plenty of alcohols.

Taking meals of large calories resulted in obesity and indigestion which if not cure results very harmful affects to human life, it purely thicken the blood stream and caused clotting in the blood or brain tumors finally.

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