Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How To Connect Prana Energy to the Human Body

It is essential for human life as Its energy flows from the nostrils to the level of the heart. Clean air is vital for health however, on its own air, is not the decisive factor in good health. As it is known many been sick of healthy depends on every individual as well as the quality of life those individuals live. Some people are prone to illness, even though they are frequently out in the fresh air, and on the other hand, people who live in rooms or suburbs with relatively poor air quality remain healthy.

Once the connection between health and prana energy is made, it can be follower by the practice of breathing exercises and other yoga practices to increase the flow of this energy in a dramatic way to improve good health. To match up this wealth of health with mental and psychological health one most also learn and practice good and positive thoughts to induce a self healing motivation in the body and brain.

The practice of good and positive thinking is good not just for self purposes but can also be helpful to connect one self with the universe and nature. Self destructive thinking can considerably bring down health and emotional stability. Destructive behavior drives human to excesses in life practices and also may help induce others to this behavior creating a cosmic and or universal disequilibrium.

Everything is related and things co-exist with other living things, regularly when one of these things goes wrong it brings down everything else with it, hence the current disequilibrium in nature that brought glacier melting and dramatic changes in weather. The sun is a natural and very important provider of Prana energy in the universe, it is with its help that all living things share their natural warmth and evolve into more living things. The purpose of Prana is to provide aid in the development and promotion of life, but not life without a purpose. Ki, Chi or Prana is life, it has a purpose of maintaining and producing more living things, and all living things most be in natural and direct contact with the Universe to create a channel for Chi energy it is a chain.

For thousands of years Asia and other parts of the world have been in such close contact with the use of this energy for good purpose, perhaps this 2012 is the time for the rest of us to begin using it for good as well.

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